Stop Corrosion Before it Starts

MudMaster 500

Mudmaster 500 Vehicle Wash Rack System

Washes, Contains and Recycles

The MudMaster 500 was designed to deal with light to moderate dirt loads. This closed-loop washing and filtration system is ideal for equipment washing, including forklifts, light-duty trucks, booms and scissor lifts, etc. MudMaster’s zero-discharge wash rack allows for environmentally friendly cleaning by containing run-off so it doesn’t contaminate surrounding ground water and recycling the water for reuse in future washes.

RTS 1000 water treatment system is employed for this task and is ideal for light dirt loads. The unit comes with a regenerative blower to suck up wash water from the wash rack; a concrete-formed wash bay or a fully enclosed wash booth are alternative solutions for more permanent applications.

Not only is MudMasterTM used for parts washing and equipment degreasing, it is also used in acid or phosphate washing applications. The MudMasterTM 1000 will keep your maintenance area clean while keeping the environment clean and void of harmful chemicals!

Behind-The-Scenes Look At A Closed-Loop Washing System

Watch what happens to wash water as it cycles through the MudMaster. This animation provides an inside look at the features, capabilities and specifications of this deployable washing system. Riveer carefully selects each level of filtration with a specific function in mind. This video explains and demonstrates those filtration capabilities.

Fast To Set Up, Easy To Operate, Simple To Maintain

• The MudMaster provides a cost effective means of cleaning equipment while preventing ground water contamination and  simultaneously reducing water/sewage costs
• The MudMaster™is modular and semi-permanent. It can easily be expanded from 6′ x 6′ to 30′ x 60′. It can be set up on any reasonably hard surface, gravel, dirt, pavement, etc.
• Any or all of the components can be set up indoors or outdoors

• The standard MudMaster is a closed loop. (The effluent water may be disposable under some conditions in some areas. Check with your local water treatment plant)
• Each MudMaster™ wash rack is water tight and seals securely to adjoining racks to prevent gaps in containment. All wash water is captured and filtered
• The MudMaster™ uses vacuum power to recover wash water from above ground wash racks, trench drains, and mats
• Standard filtration with this system includes an oil coalescing and oil skimmer, ozone injection, 24/7 recirculation and absolute filtration

Built-in regenerative blower

• GripStartTM operation: pull the wash gun trigger to start system, release to begin shut-down sequence
• Stainless steel oil/water separator tank
• 200-gallons of mud settling
• NEMA 4 electrics
• PLC controlled

Continuous ozone injection to keep odors at bay

• Oil coalescing media attracts oil molecules
• Automatic oil skimmer skims oil from the top of the water
• Absolute filtration to 5 micron
• 24/7 Continuous re-circulation to keep water fresh